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System requirements

Interview Simulator:

The Interview Simulator tool is completely web based so you do not need to download anything on your computer. It will work on Windows and Mac OS on any desktop or laptop device. However, the tool is not yet enabled for mobile devices or tablets.

If your desktop or laptop monitor is small you may receive the following error message when opening the Interview Simulator.

This is because the tool assumes that you are on a tablet or mobile device because your screen is too small. To fix this problem, you can hit the zoom button on your browser to zoom out. Alternatively you can press the “CTRL” key on your keyboard and scroll out. This will zoom out in the browser.

The Interview Simulator tool is enabled for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For optimal performance please ensure you have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. The Interview Simulator will not open with Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer due to compatibility issues with the webcam and microphone.



The rest of the website is compatible on mobile devices and tablets in all browsers. So you can view your videos and share your videos from your phone or tablet. However, you cannot take a practice interview on those devices.